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What plagiarism is

According to the Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary, to “plagiarize” means
1) to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
2) to use (another's production) without crediting the source
3) to commit literary theft
4) to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

Even though composing an essay or a blog post with the usage of a text written by an unknown writer found in the Internet might seem very innocent, it is not at all. Most developed countries, such as U.S.A., Canada, EU, Australia, have copyright laws that protect intellectual property. So, in theory, one might get punished quite severely for passing off someone's work as his own or, worse, for an attempt to get credit for something that does not belong to him (thoughts, words, ideas).

Plagiarism prevention and detection

Academic plagiarism detection is one of the most significant problems in today’s education. Vast availability of Internet resources made it extremely easy for students to copy/paste materials without giving any credits to real authors. All schools, colleges, universities apply very harsh measures for those students caught with plagiarism -- it either can be a failing grade or a complete discharge from the institution. The only way for students to avoid plagiarism is to properly cite the sources, acknowledging and refering to the author of an original text. And the only way for teachers to prevent their students from plagiarizing from online sources is to use an accurate plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checker, how it works offers an innovative and user-friendly online tool that helps students and teachers to detect and prevent academic plagiarism. Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use plagiarism detector conducts thorough and in-detail scan for plagiarism. A scan of any documents takes a few minutes only. As a result, the program highlights the plagiarized parts of the text, indicates the original source the passage was initially taken from, and provides overall percentage of the plagiarized material. Finally, generates a full report, indicating the overall originality rating and the percentage of plagiarized materials in the submitted text. You can share plagiarism reports with other people by simply giving them the link of a report, generated by our program. Our program supports all major European languages. It means that you can check for plagiarism documents in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, etc.

We protect your privacy and intellectual property

Our plagiarism detection software is designed to leave no chances for plagiarized works and runs against all the available Internet resources, including websites, digital online databases and online libraries. Having said that, we do not have our own databases and promise not to store any documents uploaded for plagiarism scan. We feel very strongly against using our customers' files for our own benefit, which is filling a database that can be further used for commercial purposes. For this reason, we also urge anyone...

Do not use free plagiarism checkers!

There is no free lunch out there, really. If you upload your file for a free plagiarism check, be sure it will be added to a database and later either sold online or used in another way without your consent. A penny that you are trying to save on a plagiarism detector might cost you a dollar in the future.

Plans & pricing

Personal 15k

  • 15,000 words account balance
  • NO recurring billing, quickly refill your account balance when needed
  • Scan up to 20 pages per document
  • Scan multiple documents on background simultaneously
  • Save & share reports as .pdf files
  • Just 15¢ per page for truly accurate results
  • Detailed checker with percentage
  • Perfect for students, bloggers, writers

Organization 100k

  • 100,000 words account balance
  • NO recurring billing, quickly refill your account balance when needed
  • Scan up to 20 pages per document
  • Scan multiple documents on background simultaneously
  • Save & share reports as .pdf files
  • Add up to 20 sub-accounts
  • Detailed checker with percentage
  • Fully customizable. Contact us to create a package tailored to your needs.

Organization 500k

  • 500,000 words account balance
  • NO recurring billing, quickly refill your account balance when needed
  • Scan up to 20 pages per document
  • Scan multiple documents on background simultaneously
  • Save & share reports as .pdf files
  • Add up to 50 sub-accounts
  • Detailed checker with percentage
  • Fully customizable. Perfect for universities, colleges.

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How will I manage my documents?

After you choose a package that suits your needs, you can login into your reserved area. That is your full control panel. You can paste your files for plagiarism detection, download plagiarism reports, contact our support, change your account settings, see your current account balance, refill your account, etc. If you are an organization account holder, you will also be able to create sub-accounts, manage your groups, etc. inside of your reserved area.

What will the report look like?

Our report is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand. It can be viewed in your reserved personal area or downloaded in pdf format. It will show you the document’s overall plagiarism rating in percent and the plagiarized parts of text with links to the original document (they appear in different colors, depending on the intensity of plagiarism). No free plagiarism checker will offer same accuracy as

Do you check against your own database?

NO! Being a company that promotes such values as intellectual rights and agreed usage, we feel very strongly against databases of documents that do not belong to us. Any file that is stored on our server is only accessible to the person who uploaded it for the period of one month. After that time, we will perform a scheduled clean-up and a file will be deleted. Customers can download their ready plagiarism reports in pdf format.

What is “check on background”?

Once you have an account with us, you can instantly submit muliple documents to check for plagiarism. There is no need to wait for the program to check your text. Your documents are scanned on background and plagiarism detection reports for your documents will be ready in several minutes. You can see the progress for each report in real time – the page is interactive. You can leave the page and return back later to examine or download your ready plagiarism deetection reports.

What is my account balance?

We offer two types of accounts. Our personal account gives you the access to check 15,000 words for plagiarism. It is about full 80 pages of text. Usually, it is enough for the entire semester (5-6 months) to check written works for all classes for an average student. It is also a perfect solution for bloggers who can check up to 100 of their blog entries. Our organization account gives the access to scan 100,000 words within one master account, including all sub-accounts and groups. Each time a search for plagiarism is performed, the account balance is being debited for the amount of words the document contained. Account balance can be refilled at any moment, keeping your previous account history and settings.

What if none of your offered accounts suits my needs?

In this case, we invite you to contact us stating what you are looking for and we will formulate a personalized package especially for you. We are ready to customize account features and pricing based on individual requests. For example, for schools with large amount of students, we can create a package with hundreds of manageable sub-accounts, with individual access for each student or instructor.

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  • Checker supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish languages.

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